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About Us

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The Alston Real Estate Group employs cutting-edge strategies to locate residential properties in various stages of distress, i.e. foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, in need of repair, or vacant. Trained experts evaluate, remodel, advertise, and resell or rent the properties.

We provide substantial value to our investors through first position mortgages, securing all loans with recorded mortgage notes on real estate, and generating high-interest returns.

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Alston Real Estate Group LLC.

Nigel Alston

Millionaire investor Nigel Alston created Alston Investments in 2008, bringing with him extensive experience in sales, management, and networking. He developed a professional network of attorneys, tax advisors, asset managers, lenders, real estate brokers, property managers and contractors to systematize the funding and rehabbing of residential properties at huge discounts

He has used his knowledge and skill to personally acquire several million in real estate holdings in South Florida. His properties are cash flowing, equity rich homes and multi-family.